KNX binary inputs module

KNX module of 4-x binary inputs/outputs, temperature sensors and a leak sensor in a compact housing

€ 140


KNX binary input/output module, temperature sensors and leak sensor in a compact package for installation in a mounting box

  • Up to 8 binary inputs
    • Short/long press, dimming
    • Switch mode
    • Pulse counter
    • Activating scenes
  • Curtain management
  • Up to 6 LED outputs
  • Up to 4 NTC temperature sensors
  • Up to 2 loops with temperature sensors such as DS18S20, DS18B20 (up to 4 sensors on each loop, with the function of averaging, maximum, minimum values)
  • Connector for connecting a leak sensor of the “Neptune” type.
  • 4 thermostats
  • Powered by KNX bus
Device model BIN-F1300-1  
Universal channels    
Number of inputs/outputs  8 pcs  
Input/output current 2mA  
Input/output voltage  3,3V  
Connection type  5-wire connector with cable (20 cm), 2 pcs.  
The maximum length of the connected cable 30m  
The cross section of the connected wire до 1mm²  
Input of the “Neptune” type leak sensor 1  
The maximum current consumption by the leak sensor 2mA  
KNX Interface    
Specification TP-256  
Configuration program ETS 5/6 (RU, EN)  

connector WAGO 234-211

Powered by KNX bus  
KNX bus consumption (29V DC) <5mA
Operating temperature range 0…+45°C  
Humidity during operation 5..95% (non-condensing)  
Enclosure protection IP20, clean environment  
Flammability class (1,5 mm) UL94 V0
Type of installation junction box  
Size 42х33х12mm  
Weight 20g